Serrano Water District Receives “A” Ranking by Orange County Grand Jury

Serrano Water District demonstrates a culture of transparency, as evidenced by their recent ranking of special districts in the Orange County Grand Jury Report “Transparency Breaking Up Compensation Fog – But Why Hide Pension Costs?” that was released in June 2012. The District received an “A” ranking by the Grand Jury for excellent accessibility with regard to compensation transparency.

Serrano Water District prides itself on transparency and accountability to its consumers. In June 2009 and March 2011, the District conducted town hall meetings to explain the necessity of rate adjustments and to discuss the issues facing the water industry and the District. The rate adjustment processes were conducted in compliance with Proposition 218 mandates and copies of the meeting materials are available at the District office.

Additionally, members of the Villa Park City Council regularly attend the Serrano Water District Board of Directors meetings and one or more directors of the District are periodically interviewed for distribution via the Villa Park network.

The Serrano Water District Board of Directors meets on the second Tuesday of the month at 8:30 a.m. and invites its customers to attend the meetings.