Water Conservation

Water Restrictions have been lifted

The State of California has significantly reduced mandatory water restrictions required of Serrano Water District customers. Most of you did your part and in fact over achieved the required goal. This achievement has placed Serrano Water District in the fortunate position to now lift most of the restrictions that have been in place this last year. Great job!

Check out the new rules (pdf)

The Water Use Efficiency Department at the Municipal Water District of Orange County along with the Serrano Water District takes pride in providing programs to assist residential homeowners, commercial/industrial business owners and professional landscapers in reducing the daily amount of water used. Since water is one of the most valuable resources in Southern California, it is very important to use this precious natural resource wisely. Several programs are administered by the Water Use Efficiency Department to assist in the effort of saving water, including:

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Serrano Water District at 714-538-0079.

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